• ✓ Free Service & No Deductible!

  • ✓ Hassle-free process

  • ✓ Rental car support

Hail damage shouldn’t hijack your day.

When hail batters your car, it's not just the vehicle that takes a hit.

Your schedule, peace of mind, and car value — they all suffer.

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We repair your hail damage for free, without a hassle.

We Navigate Your Insurance

Insurance claims can be a hassle, but we know how to speak Insurance. We’ll navigate the process for you, to get the work done fast and easy.

We Cover Your Deductible

We’ll cover your deductible to make sure your claim gets covered without a hiccup. All our services end up free to you!

Free Rental Car Access 

Sometimes you just can’t live without your car long enough to get it repaired. We can set up rental car access for you, and drop offs if you need it.

Our customers leave with relief and a smile

After 25 years of service, we know exactly how to keep our customers happy. 

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Picture your car, perfect again.

Drop off your damaged car and go about your day. When you return, the hail damage is gone, and so is the bill. It's a hassle-free solution that leaves your schedule open, your wallet untouched, and your car looking brand new.

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Hail storms don’t stand a chance.

At Kansas City Hail Company, we've got the tools and expertise to banish those dents and dings, returning your car to its former glory. We've been handling vehicles with care for over 25 years.

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We get insurance. We get you.

We know. Dealing with insurance is a pain. That's why we've mastered the art of dealing with all kinds of insurance. We manage everything while you sit back and relax. Trust us, we've got this.

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  • 1. Droff Off

    Leave your damaged car with us, do some paperwork, and we'll take it from there.

  • 2. Sit Back

    We'll handle the insurance claim and get to work on your car. If you need a free rental car, we’ll handle that too. 

  • 3. Drive Off

    Your car is repaired, your claim is settled, and you're back on the road.

It’s like hail never happened.

Say goodbye to dents in your car and in your schedule. With Kansas City Hail Company, you can:

✓ Kick the stress of hail damage to the curb.

✓ Navigate the insurance maze with zero effort.

✓ Enjoy free rental car assistance during the repair.

✓ Protect your investment with our expert repairs.

✓ Rest easy knowing you won't pay a dime.

Let us take the stress out of your hail damage. Schedule your repair today.

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